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Adoption/Foster Info

Adopting one of our dogs by giving them a forever home is one of the greatest things you can do to help. It changes a dogs life, and yours too. Not able to commit to a dog for life, but want to help? Fostering helps bring dogs to Canada, gives them a chance to live in a home environment out of the shelter, and helps prepare them for life in their forever home to come.  Vet costs are covered for fosters, and in some cases we have food donated meaning it costs nothing but love to foster one of our dogs. Ready to apply? Click below or see our dogs and cats page. Have more questions? See our FAQ below. Also see our below for vet and education links.


1) Complete and submit the application

               Adoption Application for Dog

               Adoption Application for Cat

               Foster Application

2) Your references will be checked

3) We will email/text/call you for clarification or for more information

4) Home Visit (Preferred but depends on circumstances)

**Length of time it can take for the approval process = 1-3 weeks with c
hecking references/vet checks/home visit**

Once approved you will then:
Be matched with a dog/cat
Sign the Adoption Agreement pay adoption fee (dogs $375, cats $225 or 2 for $350).  Fostering is free.


Why does it cost money to adopt?
Care for our dogs prior to adoption costs money. FDC relies solely on adoption fees and donations to survive.
What is the adoption fee?
It costs $375 to adopt one of our dogs. $225 to adopt a cat.
Why is your adoption fee slightly higher then other local rescues?
In addition to the food, shelter, and vet costs for caring for our dogs, we also have the added expense of travel from Mexico. We find that we still have very competitive adoption fees and are on par with most local rescue fees.
What is included in the adoption fee?
The dog is vetted, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, parasite control, health check with documents, and travel to Canada is included.
Why do I have to through an appication process to adopt?
We need to ensure suitable homes are found for our dogs, and to match them to the best homes possible, and vis-versa. We want your home to be a forever home, and for you to find the perfect dog that suits your family best. Answering these questions and doing reference checks ensures you are comitted and suitable to adopt.
What if I want to help but can't commit to adopting at this time?
There are several ways to help. Fostering, volunteering, donating, and promoting FDC all helps us to help more dogs.
Can you guarantee the size or breed of your dogs?
No, our dogs are not guaranteed to be a certain breed or size.
What support do you offer after adopting/fostering?
We try to offer guidance for our adopters/fosters and suggest training classes. Please see below for training and vet links.
I already have a dog. How do I introduce them to the new dog?
For dogs it might be best to have the first meeting to be on neutral territory, like meeting up out on a walk in a stress free environment. Keep dogs on leashes and use caution.
I have other animals in the home. How should I introduce to my new dog?
Use caution and go slowly, but do not wait too long for an introduction or your new dog may feel they have a claim to your home as their territory alone. Keep leashed and use small supervised visits. Exchanging items with each other’s scent prior to meeting may help them to feel they know each other already.
I feel my new dog isn't bonding with me. What do I do?
Relationships take time, espescially when one may have experienced abuse or neglect. Be patient, your new dog may need some time to get used to your new home, and living in Canada.
I am having trouble training my dog. What do I do?
For your new dog, having rules and limitations might be new to them. Be patient, they just travelled thousands of miles and have had their world turned upside down, they will need some time to adjust. Training or behaviour classes are always recommended.
What training methods does FDC suggest?
We encourage positive reinforcement training (praise the good, ignore or redirect the bad). Redirection of unwanted behaviour (ie: if chewing is an issue offer something allowable to chew) is also suggested.
My dog isn't working out and I want to end my adoption. What do I do
Contact FDC to recalim the dog. As per your adoption agreement, adoption fees are non-refundable, and the dog must be returned to FDC, not sold or given away.
I have more questions about the adoption process or Flying Dogs Canada.
Please contact us via the contact form for any additional questions you may have.

Links and Partners

Oxford Animal Clinic Is the vet we use. They are generous enough to offer FDC a discount for our foster dogs so we can help more dogs. Click here for more info.

Have a service we could use and advertise? Let us know 🙂