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Name: Bailarina
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 1.5 Years Old
Energy: Medium
Size: 12kgs

Cats: Not Tested
Kids: No thank-you, I prefer adults
Temperament: Affectionate, Calm, Shy
Medical: Neurological twitches due to being a distemper survivor
Vices: None

Hi everyone, I’m Bailarina and…you guessed it…I am light on my paws just like a ballerina! I was finally joining my friends in my quest to find a home when the shelter staff noticed I was behaving oddly! I am a distemper survivor and fought hard to stay alive, however, now I have continuous neurological twitches that cause my head to bob up and down and I walk in a way that resembles dancing. So far these twitches are not causing me any pain, but I will need a home without any open stairways as my unpredictable twitches can send me in different directions without warning. Basically, I need a home where you can Bailarina-proof your stairs and help me stay safe as this neurological condition is permanent! I am a shy girl who really loves to love! I am affectionate and enjoy the company of adult humans and fellow canines alike! I don’t care much for smaller humans so I will need a home without children please. I have not met any feline friends though. I am known for my sweet temperament and my shelter humans always say that I am a calm girl! I’m not sure what they mean, but I just like things to be laid-back and relaxed. I am a young dog and who requires ample exercise to work out all that young doggie energy so I can cuddle up to the humans after a long day! Even with my twitches, I still love to play, I just do things a little differently than most dogs would. If you have a home without children and you are able to help me when I need some guidance due to my twitches, please fill out an application! 

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