Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Bobby

Sex: Male


Energy: Medium

Size: Medium

Cats: Yes

Kids: Older children are ok

Temperament: Affectionate

Medical: One leg has been amputated

Vices: None

Bobby had been at the FDC shelter for a couple of years before flying to Canada in April 2022. He was brought into shelter because he was found limping out on the street. Upon examination, it was determined that he must have suffered a bad break that ended up healing poorly. Bobby had actually adapted quite well to being a tripod and just ignored the useless twisted leg. He still had a happy, good natured spirit when he was rescued. Bobby is a sweet dog who is a bit mischievous. He was a favourite at the shelter who enjoyed his walks to the lake and getting attention from the volunteers and visitors. In fact, it seemed Bobby didn’t even realize he didn’t have a “real” home. This guy is loving and friendly and would make someone a great companion. He would be well suited to an adult couple who want a walking buddy as he is active and likes to go on walks.. He loves the company of other dogs, especially less dominant males and females. He is also fine with cats. Bobby would do best in a home with adults or older children. He likes his space and boundaries. He is affectionate and doesn’t jump up on people. Currently Bobby is in B.C. in foster care.

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