Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Camilla

Sex: Female


Energy: TBA

Size: TBA

Cats: TBA

Kids: TBA

Temperament: TBA

Medical: TBA

Vices: TBA

Hey friends! I’m Camilla, a lovely young momma dog who had puppies outside of the Coca Cola building in Catemaco, Mexico. The workers graciously handed us over to Flying Dogs Canada to receive the care we need to be happy and healthy! Unfortunately, two of my little ones didn’t make it so I now have 7 chubby little puppies to nurse. My boy Enzo became ill and was nursed back to health by a staff member who has decided to adopt him! Don’t worry, myself and my other six puppies will be up for adoption in a little while, stay tuned to follow our story! In the meantime, me and my pups need sponsors for our vet care and my food (the puppies will need puppy chow as well in the future!). If you can help out with a sponsorship, we would really appreciate it!

Sponsor me? $25/month

I’m fully sponsored but my puppies need sponsors too!

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