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Name: Chata
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 5 Years Old
Energy: Low-Medium Energy
Size: Small-Medium

Cats: Not Tested
Kids: Yes!
Temperament: Affectionate
Medical: Erlichia
Vices: Food-guarding with humans and dogs

Hey everyone, my name is Chata! I am very new to Flying Dogs Canada and, as you can see, I haven’t had such a good life so far. I was abandoned by someone after they had used me as a breeding dog. I have had many litters of puppies and was never looked after so when I was abandoned, FDC swooped in to rescue me! I have a very long road of healing ahead of me as I was covered in ticks, I had sore and infected eyes, and there seemed to be something wrong with my hip joint. I was promptly whisked away to FDC’s trusted vet for an assessment and they determined that among all other issues, I was also battling an infection in my body that was making me even weaker. FDC worked really hard and I have come so far in my recovery journey! Currently, I am still recovering from erlichia and I am still not quite ready for adoption. I am a fighter and I will not give up because these amazing people are not giving up on me! I would love a couple of monthly sponsors to help support my medical journey. Thank you to everyone who donated toward my vet bills! I am so grateful to be truly loved and cared for. I don’t mind dogs and kids as long as there is no food around. Apparently I have bad manners at mealtime and have something called “food-guarding” where I react if humans or dogs come near me while I am eating. I mean, I’ve never been able to eat like this before so I have a hard time remembering that there is plenty more food where this came from. Hopefully I will be able to become more relaxed with my food, but in the meantime that is something my future adopters will have to consider! Otherwise, I am an affectionate girl and I want nothing more than to be loved by humans!

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