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Name: Chata
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 6 Years Old
Energy: Low-Medium Energy
Size: Small-Medium

Cats: Not Tested
Kids: Yes!
Temperament: Affectionate
Medical: None

Little Chata has already come a long way from the state she was in when she was rescued at the beginning of August last year. Poor Chata was a mess. Her eyes were weepy and terrible looking and she had Erlichia. Thanks to generous donors the Erlichia has been treated as well as her ulcerated cornea. Now that her eyes are clear she needs to be have her corneas looked at again at a vet in Mexico City to see if they have been damaged. Chata a might require eyedrops forever.

It’s thought that Chata was likely used as a breeding dog. Used, and then heartlessly discarded. Although treated as only a means to an ends, this forgiving pup is still very friendly and affectionate. Chata loves being around people and likes to sit quietly taking in her surroundings. She loves to go for walks on a leash and even wades into the lake!
Because she was malnourished, Chata has developed early osteoporosis and has issues with her hips. Therefore, there will be ongoing costs and regular vet visits throughout her life to check her comfort level. Chata will likely become disabled in 4-6 years so she needs to have a happy home to live our her days while she has a few years of mobility left.
Chata is about 6 years old and has a small to medium build. She is a sweet dog and would make a loving pet. She is completely crate trained too. If you are interested in adopting Chata, please go to the website for more information or to submit an application. To sponsor Chata you can set up an ongoing monthly recurring donation using the donate button on our website.

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Chata is fully sponsored by Kelsey Hunt! Thank you so much for your support.

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