Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Chica
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 1.5 Years Old
Energy: Medium-High
Size: 5.5kgs

Cats: TBA
Kids: TBA
Temperament: Friendly, Playful, Obedient
Medical: Healthy
Vices: TBA

Hey everyone, I’m Chica! Not to brag, but I am the sweetest little girl looking for my forever home! I mean…look at these eyes, cute right? I was rescued and rehabilitated in Mexico with FDC’s sister volunteer, Delmy and was transferred over to FDC for rehoming. I am so excited because I heard that Canada is quite a treat! I was flown up from Mexico to Vancouver to be placed in a foster-to-adopt home, but unfortunately they were unable to adopt me after all. No sweat though, I am going to put on my very best puppy dog eyes and continue my search! I am actually considered a hypoallergenic dog (whatever that means), so that may be helpful to someone who loves canines, but gets the sniffles around them! I am currently being fostered in Vancouver by a lovely trusted FDC volunteer and can’t wait to meet my new humans! Please fill out an application to adopt me! 

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