Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Dawn
Sex: Female (spayed)
Birthdate: 2014
Energy: Active but likes cuddles too
Size: Small medium (approx 15 kg)

Cats: No thanks!
Kids: children who respect dogs are ok
Temperament: Cuddly, loyal,  affectionate, and calm
Medical: She is a survivor of TVT and was given a clear result in a biopsy in Canada. There is a bb gun type pellet under the skin of her side, from cruelty on the streets of Mexico. it doesn’t bother her and the vet doesn’t see a need to remove it.
Vices: Cat selective and female dog selective

Dawn has passed through a few foster families and everyone has loved her. Her ideal would be to be someone’s only dog. That would make her so happy. She loves humans more than other dogs. Humans and walks. Cats are an issue. You’ll be happier to foster a different dog if you have cats.

She is completely housetrained but very occasionally gets stress incontinence and has a couple of special mats for the sofa and her bed, just in case. The occasional dribble is when she sleeps but nothing has happened in a month and usually happens with a change in routine. She gets very excited about going for walks but finds Alberta a bit cold. She would thrive on Vancouver Island or Coastal BC, somewhere where it’s not necessary to tippy toe in too much white stuff. 

Dawn is small but can be a little bossy with other dogs in the home. She gets on better with boy dogs than girl dogs. But she’s really a dog who just wants her person. She has been around children as young as 6 years old. She isn’t a young dog. She’s about 8 years old we believe. She also doesn’t seem senior, because she is always up for a nice walk . Dawn would really like to find a forever home with a gentle person who likes going for a walk and wants a loyal friend.




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