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Name: Gloria

Sex: Female (Spayed) 
Age: 6 Years Old
Energy: Low and chilled out but likes walks and seeing the world around her
Size: 19kgs
Dogs: likes proper introductions

Cats: not barky, curious, likes to nuzzle
Kids: Yes, loves all humans
Temperament: Calm and affectionate
Medical: Healthy
Vices:  Not a vice really but should be fed alone not with other dogs. however at the shelter she was fed with other dogs with no issues after the first few months of her 2018 intake. Gloria isn’t a dog park kind of dog ( most rescues are not)

Hi everyone, I’m Gloria! I was rescued from the streets in Mexico as a stray and am now in Canada after waiting almost 5 years between 2 FDC shelters in Mexico for my opportunity to travel. I recovered from TVT about 5 years ago. I like other dogs when i have proper introductions and I am fed separately from other dogs as a precaution. I’m fine with people around my food. I just don’t like other dogs to face plant in my kibble.

I love humans and enjoy all the attention I can get! I have recently met cats and I enjoy nuzzling them  if they and confident and let me interact. if i get too playful then a simple “no” is enough to redirect me.I have no bad intentions.I am curious only.

I’m a calm, affectionate comfort loving middle aged sweetie. If you’ve been looking for a girl like me, please fill out an application so I can meet you!

Sponsor me? $25/month

Sponsor #1: Mary Etta, thank-you so much for your support! FDC and Gloria appreciate you 🙂

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