Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Kilo
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: approx 8 years old
Energy: Normal
Size: Medium

Cats: Yes
Kids: TBA
Temperament: gentle and friendly, likes dogs
Medical: Blind in one eye
Vices: None

The New Year signifies a new start for our boy Kilo, and hopefully a new “forever” home. Kilo was a street dog that hung around outside a paper store in Catemaco . He was very thin, mangy and also partially blind. Kilo truly needed someone to help him. Ruth, a kind lady who works at the store took pity on Kilo and fed him. FDC was notified and volunteers brought him to the shelter.
Kilo is a gentle soul who is comfortable around all of the animals at the shelter. His best friend is little Angel whom he loves to “mother” and curl up with at night. These two buddies currently live in the “cat den”, formally known as the volunteer room with ALL of the cats. Kilo would love to be able to enjoy the comforts of a real home though. He would especially love a comfy human bed to steal again! He has definitely enjoyed a lot of bed snuggles with volunteer Sara.
Kilo’s tough life shows and he looks older than he is. He is approximately 8 years old and still very mobile, but arthritic, so a home without shiny, slippery floors would be best. He loves going on walks and knows how to use pee pads from watching Angel. If you are interested in adopting this diamond in the rough, please fill out an application form.

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