Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Dona Margarita Viejona
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 8 or 9 Years Old
Energy: Low
Size: Medium 18 kgs

Cats: Yes!
Kids: Yes!
Temperament: Content, Quiet, Sweet
Medical: One back foot isn’t functional
Vices: None

Margarita Viejona is such a lovable girl who deserves so much love in return. Because of her age she hasn’t had many admirers, but she still hopes her perfect match is out there somewhere. Rescued by Delmy and brought to FDC because of a limp back foot. Margarita is missing a tendon but it really doesn’t bother her at all. She has learned how to walk with it and thinks it’s no big deal. Margarita is an easy going girl who gets along with all the dogs at the shelter, AND all the cats! Nothing fazes Margarita and is perfectly content hanging out with everyone. She’s a shelter staff favourite due to her laid back nature.

Margarita is approximately 8 or 9 years old but looks a little older due to her tough life out on the streets. She has likely given birth to many puppies in her life, and survived only by rooting through garbage for scraps of food. Margarita is delighted to be off the street now and has developed quite the taste for wet food. This porky little pup has also learned to enjoy other finer things in life including cozy blankets and soft surfaces to sleep on.

Because of her foot, “Prima” Dona Margarita doesn’t love stairs and isn’t a fan of long walks. She would prefer to quickly go out in a yard to do her business, so a home with a backyard is important. So if you like to watch Netflix and chill on the couch, Margarita is your girl! She really deserves to live out the rest of her life in a safe, cozy home filled with love

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