Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Mateo

Sex: Male

Age: 1 year approx

Energy: Medium

Size: Upper Medium

Cats: TBA

Kids: Yes

Temperament: Friendly

Medical: Healthy

Vices: Can be dog selective, grabs                    garbage

Mateo is a bull mastiff mix who was likely kicked him out of his home. Luckily, Mateo was seen in the street by a kind doctor in San Andres Tuxtla. Dr. Alma noticed he was underweight and hungry, and kindly put food out for him. She then contacted Flying Dogs Canada to see if we could help shelter him safely. FDC will always take in bull mastiffs and bully mixes so they don’t end up being used as bait or fighting dogs. If left out in the streets, Mateo could have easily ended up in the wrong hands.
Mateo is very good with people. He loves people of all ages including children and is friendly and happy. He is upper medium size and has medium energy. He really loves going for long walks and would need to be in a home that can walk him daily. Mateo is about a year old, with a sweet nature. He is easy to hug and handle by people, you can tell he wants to be loved.
Mateo does likes puppies but is otherwise dog selective. He likes certain female dogs within a calm environment but in general, is dog reactive. Because of this, Mateo would prefer to be in a home with no other existing dogs. Someone who is able to hold tightly onto a leash in case Mateo wants to chase a cat or bark at a dog is important. This beautiful boy really needs someone to give him a chance. It’s so sad that at one point he likely felt love and belonging, only to be thrown out on the street like trash.

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