Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Mia – Bonded with Perro Ron
Sex: Female
Age: 3.5 Years Old
Energy: Medium
Size: Large

Cats: TBA
Kids: Yes!
Temperament: Calm, Friendly
Medical: Healthy
Vices: Food Hog, needs to be fed separate from other dogs

Hi everyone I’m Mia! I am new to FDC and was rescued recently with my best friend, Perro Ron! Apparently I was causing a ruckus in Mexico as a stray and had been seen running alongside people on bicycles and toppling them over! It’s not like I have ever tried to harm anyone, I just get excited by all those spinning wheels! Anyway, Perro Ron is my Knight in Shining Fluff and he protected me from all the other dogs on the streets so I owe it to the guy and I cannot be without him. Since we are so close, Perro Ron and I will need to find a home together as a bonded pair! We also need to be the only dogs in the home please! I may be biased, but I think we make a pretty cute package deal! One vice that I have is..erm…I love food! I’m a bit of a vacuum when it comes to grub and I am known to inhale my food..and then eat Perro Ron’s food too! Oops! FDC is still getting to know us so keep an eye on my profile for more about me.

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