Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Olivia the Undead
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 1.5 Years Old
Energy: Low-Medium
Size: Medium

Cats: Sure!
Kids: Yes!
Temperament: Pleasant, Quiet, Playful, Obedient
Medical: Erlichia
Vices: None

Hey friends, I’m Olivia! You may have noticed my full name is Olivia the Undead and I suspect you must be scratching your heads wondering where that came from. Well I have a story for you, I was originally rescued and housed by Delmy’s Refuge, a trusted sister rescue of FDC’s. Delmy reached out to FDC because I was incredibly sick and the difficult decision was made to have me euthanized as I was in full kidney failure. I was then dropped off at the vet for this heartbreaking procedure (I was not able to be accompanied due to the global pandemic) and Delmy began the grieving process of losing me. Then…the vet called FDC to..come pick me up! Imagine the confusion! It turns out that the vet decided to run a few more tests before the dreaded procedure and ended up giving me blood transfusions for a whole week at which point my kidneys miraculously recovered and I was on the mend! I have to say that I feel like I hit the jackpot and I cannot wait to spend this new lease on life with a forever family. Currently I am at FDC’s shelter in Catemaco and I am still on a medical hold while I recover from erlichia. When I get a clean bill of health, I will be ready for my new forever! I am a friendly and easygoing girl who gets along with…well everything. I enjoy the company of children and dogs alike, and I even co-exist with felines just fine! I am even fully crate trained! I have a “Joker-like” scar on my face from an old injury, but don’t worry, it’s only skin deep and does not affect my life in any way. Keep an eye on my page for my adoption debut and in the meantime I would love a couple of sponsors to help cover my shelter expenses and vet care! 

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