Flying Dogs Canada

Name: Petunia
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: Approx 9 months
Energy: Medium
Size: Medium
Cats:  Yes
Kids: Yes
Temperament: Sweet, loves people and dogs
Medical: Healthy
Vices: None

   Petunia is a young dog, likely around 9 months old. She was brought to the shelter by her previous owner who is known to FDC, and has surrendered other unwanted, and suspected neglected, dogs. He had first agreed to having her spayed and then changed his mind. However, Petunia was already on the operating table so the sterilization took place.

     The owner had wanted to use her to breed, and sell the puppies. FDC believes Petunia was likely saved from a hard existence of many, consecutive pregnancies until her value had been spent. Many “puppy mill” breeding dogs are simply discarded after they can no longer produce. If they survive that long. Since she would no longer be of be of use to him, he agreed to surrender Petunia to FDC.

     Petunia seemed frightened and was skittish when she came into the shelter. Since then she has really “blossomed” in her new environment and is a sweet girl who loves getting cuddled and petted. She loves all people now and just wants to be treated nicely. She would make a wonderful family dog and would do very well with children of any age. Her only vice is accidentally dipping her big floppy ears into her food dish.

   True to her name, this flower loves languishing outdoors in the sun. Petunia’s favourite nap spot is out on the front patio of the shelter next to blooming bougainvillea trees. This is also her favourite place to play “drag the stick” with her dog friends. All of her friends that she plays with are adopted and will be leaving soon. It would be sad for her to lose all her best buddies and be alone, so we are hoping someone will adopt her. She could be up in time to enjoy her first Canadian summer and hasn’t lost hope.

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