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Name: Teddy Santos
Sex: Male (Neutered)
DOB: 2019
Energy: Medium
Size: Medium

Cats: No, they scare me 
Kids: No thanks
Temperament: Gentle, Playful
Medical: Healthy
Vices: None

Teddy Santos an amazing dog who goes by many names: “International Man of Mystery”…”Space Cowboy”…”Couch Potato”…Or just “Big Cuddle Bug”; Teddy Santos wants to be whatever you want him to be. He is currently in foster care in Quesnel BC but needs to find a new foster family, (or forever family) by the end of June. Teddy Santos has learned so much at his incredible foster home that he could now be called a “certified cat whisperer” and “boat captain” too (ok, he doesn’t actually have his boating license). But seriously, this sweet boy has come a long way after being found shivering and terrified, hiding under a rock on the flooding streets of Catemaco in 2018.
The best person to describe Teddy Santos now is his wonderful foster mom Kathryn:
“Teddy is a very cuddly dog who would love to snuggle all day. He is really good with cats but will chase the barn cats, even though I doubt he would hurt them if he caught up. He is best friends with our indoor cat. He is currently being fostered with 3 other dogs (all female), he needs gentle introductions to new dogs. We walk him on leash with new dogs and usually after a few minutes he calms down and can do introductions. He is a fearful dog although he has come a long way building up his confidence.
He is scared of strangers, but it’s mostly when they come into his space (our home). I walk him in town and he’s good with people as long as he is being ignored, if women get down to his level and let him come to them he does really well. We do hustle past other dogs when are out because he gets nervous. He won’t react if the other dog doesn’t react. He is more nervous around men than women and he gets scared with unfamiliar things or unexpected movements (which doesn’t make him a good fit for young children). We do have him out with our nephew who is 11, but we muzzle him just in case because kids are very unpredictable.
He knows basic commands like sit and stay and he is doing pretty good on the leash. He is very fast and has lots of energy! We hike with him often and he hangs out with us while we fo farm work. He is fully crate trained although we haven’t used it in a long time. We leave it out just so he has a safe spot. He is also house broken but he tends to pee inside a new house he visits as soon as he walks in, only once, so we know now to keep a close eye on him when we first arrive! He was counter surfing for a while when we got him but he hasn’t in a long time, he also hasn’t chewed anything in a long time.
We have a system that works really good for bringing guests into the house and I would be happy to film it if you want! We also make sure my husband does a lot of things with him because it takes him longer to trust men, I could literally do anything to him when he first arrived but it took a while for him to be comfortable with my husband”.
Teddy Santos is approximately 3 years old and weighs 42lbs.

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