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Name: Toby
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Size: Large

Cats: TBA
Kids: TBA
Temperament: Sweet and playful
Medical: Benign tumour removed
Vices: None

Looking for a loyal loving companion to share your life with? FDC’s most eligible bachelor Toby is our “Fuzzy”looking for some feels this Friday. Toby is single and desperately looking for love! He’s pretty sure he would like long walks on the beach (maybe in Vancouver or the island?) and has dreams of fireside snuggling on those chilly Canadian winter nights. Toby’s the kind of guy you’d be happy to introduce to your family. Sweet and polite, he’s well behaved and eager to please. All he’s really looking for in a relationship is kindness, acceptance, and a few shared dinners (KFC is his favourite guilty pleasure) . Toby likes meeting all kinds of new people, warm hugs, and has a playful side. His pet peeves are finishing all of his chicken dinner and being left alone. Like a lot of single souls looking for love, Toby has been hurt before. He was left heartbroken and scared by a previous neglectful and abusive relationship. However, he is ready to trust again and has a lot of love to give.

Toby is a bigger boy and can’t promise not to be a bed hog or drool on the pillow, but he’s willing to take things slow. Toby had had “the surgery” and doesn’t have any pups of his own (that he knows of…) He would love an active family lifestyle though, so if you already have kids that like playing out in the backyard- perfect! Toby doesn’t have a day job so if he had someone to hang out with during the day he’d love it!

Toby is a catch! (Literallly) and while they helped FDC get him off the streets of Mexico City, he has never had another brush with the law. Yes, Toby is a very good boy, no baggage! (his big old benign tumour has even been removed!)

FDC’s Sara says Toby is so wonderful she would love to be “his person” but would be cheating on her significant other(s) back home. If you’re interested in Toby and think you would be a perfect match, please fill out the adoption form.


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