Flying Dogs Canada

There are several ways to support FDC and the animals we help. Join the team!


100% of the funds at Flying Dogs Canada come donations from people like you and from adoption fees to cover costs. We do not yet receive any grants or  government support. The average cost to care for one of the dogs is $60 a month owing to the cost of shelter rent among other expenses. That is not including any special veterinary care the dogs might need. Donating helps support the work we do, and allows us to take in dogs whenever we are needed, never having to turn dogs away. We also try to help local dog owners who might not be able to afford to spay or vaccinate their dogs in an effort to control the local stray population and stop the problem of unwanted animals before it starts. If we don’t have the money, then we can’t help. You can donate in various ways:

Sponsor a Dog or Cat

Be a doggy Godparent!! You can sponsor a dog to help offset the monthly operating costs for $25/month.  Cat sponsorship is $15/month. It costs an average of $60/month to cover each dog’s costs ($30 for cats), so each dog/cat can have 2 sponsors (or 1 who sponsors twice!). Choose your favorite dog or cat and click the “Sponsor Me” paypal link on their page. Your name (or initials/city or anonymus) will be recognized on that dog’s/cat’s page. Click on the dog or cat page to see who you love!

Recurring General Donation

Recurring donations help us anticipate funds for next month without having to devote time and energy to raising money instead of focusing on ways to help by spending it.

One time Donation

By making a one time donation we can help cover costs as they come up, and there are always extra costs! Every dollar counts. $15 covers a spay, $25 a bag of food, $60 covers a dog’s costs for a month, $230 covers rent at one of the shelters for a month.

Support Fundraisers and Events

Show your support when we have a fundraiser or event by coming out, buying tickets, bidding on donations, and sharing. There is always something in the works for the next event. See “Events” for more info.

Wish List

In addition to money to help support the rescue, there are goods that we are always in need of. These items can be dropped off in Northwest Edmonton (message via contact page for more info). Have something you think could be useful to us? Send us the details!

Dog Supplies:
– Dog Cages of all sizes (Medium, Large, Extra-Large)
– Dog beds
– Kongs
– Indestructible dog toys
– Dog treats
– Cat harnesses & collars

– Licky mats/Enrichment toys 

– Dog collars/leashes/harnesses
– Clothes for the medium to large dogs for if they arrive in Canada in winter.
– Hard soap for dogs (flea/tick soap)
– Dog shaver Kit for grooming (w/electric razor w/combs)
– Books on dog grooming (in Spanish)
– Books on dog first aid (in Spanish)
– The Merck Veterinary manual (In Spanish)


– Blankets
– Towels
– Zip ties
– Binders and A4 three ring binder paper and page separators for Admin
– Baby gates

– Syringes (5ml and 3ml preferred)
– A variety of sizes of needles (including for subcutaneous injections- more info to come)
– Cotton balls
– Bandages
– Gauze
– Boxes of surgical gloves (Medium and large)- need lots and lots!
– Catgut cromico (internal & external thread for stitches)
– Tylenol
– Scalpels (disposable or replaceable blades)
– Masks
– Tooth scraping kit
– Tattoo ink for our tattoo kit for marking spayed animals/ear notcher

Big Ticket Items:
– West jet dollars/vouchers (to help w/dog tickets)
– A camera or cellphone with a decent camera to photograph dogs/cats
– An industrial washing machine (in Catemaco)