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Many dogs have found loving forever homes through FDC. See some of our success stories and testimonials below!

Remember Solito? He is now Leo and here he is in his most recent “family photograph” in Edmonton, Alberta. He is an FDC success story from 2017.

He was the second FDC dog and he was picked up emaciated and in terrible condition and his owners were sought out and they agreed to surrender him to FDC. His life has now been completely transformed by Tanisha Foisie and family. He will never have to be hungry again.

Lily has found her forever family out on Nova Scotia Island. She was treated to a day at the spa, and is now a beloved part of the family, where she resides with Bertha and Roland Ford and is frequently visited by Shelley Lee MacDonald and her son William and other members of the family , including a dog named “Jade” who has become fast friends with Lily (now Lilly with two L’s) This little one waited a long time to find her forever home and she provides her new family with lots of laughs owing to her daily antics.

We just had to share this photograph of Ollie (was Juanny) who has found his forever home (Adopted by Danielle Young and family of Edmonton). There is a lot of mystery regarding how Ollie ended up in the garden at the volunteer house/shelter one day. He seemed so sad not to have a family of his own but now he has five family members to give him love and attention. Yes, he ate a door…but they forgave him and he is now doing better. They say they would “never part with Ollie”.

“So far, so awesome.  Frijol has adjusted to her new home remarkably well.  She has charmed friends, neighbours,  and even the vet.  She is getting along well with The Mo (Morena) who occasionally has to remind her she is an old lady, set in her ways.  She loves lying out in the sun by the back patio and loves to wake you up with face washes first thing in the morning. Frijol is very affectionate and loves her belly rubs.  There is something special about adopting a dog who is not a puppy,  no need for pee pads.

As the picture indicates,  she has declared herself queen of manor.” -John

We are really! really! enjoying Osa!! I have never met a more loving creature! She is adjusting well to our household routines and other pets, she is beginning to understand some commands (sit, stay) that we are teaching her and she is a big hit everywhere we take her! Ken and I enjoy having coffee at favourite coffee spots where the dogs lie peacefully at our feet outside, happily greeting anyone and everyone who passes by. We hear things like, “such nice dogs, so calm, so well behaved, so friendly.”A few folks have taken photos of them and one little boy today played happily with them declaring, “this is the Ritchie Market petting zoo!!”  -Barbara


“I came across Sara’s page Flying Dogs Canada when I was just casually looking for a pup for my Mom who had recently lost her beloved little dog of 11.5 years to a bad heart. Little did I know that I would find another pup would steal our hearts from a world away. I quickly told my mom about Lilly and we filled out the adoption application and waited. And prayed. A lot. Lilly was our pup. We just knew it in our hearts she was meant for our family. When Sara called us with the news that we had been selected it felt like Christmas! Sara was so wonderful through the whole process, keeping us updated on everything that was happening at the shelter in Mexico straight through to the many updates during Lilly’s travels to her new home here in Nova Scotia. What Sara is doing for these dogs in Mexico is a true labour of love. I highly recommend anybody who is looking for a positive adoption experience to contact Sara and find your fur baby. Our favourite breed is rescued.”

Shelley Lee MacDonald

“We randomly saw a post from Flying Dogs Canada on a local face book site. They were needing a home for this little puppy and my heart was stolen. I will admit I was very reluctant at first as you never know what is a scam these days. I did some searching and found we had a mutual friend, who said she could totally vouch for the company. We then started the application process, and waited patiently for our pup to be delivered. Sara was amazing at keeping us updated every step of the way. She kept in touch with updates and pictures. It doesn’t stop there either, she has continued to keep in touch and make sure that everything is going well for us and the dog. Everything went as planned and our Sandie fits right in. I think it is amazing what she does for these animals and I only wish I could help them out more.”

Mandi Brown

“We first heard about FDC through Kijiji and then we went to their FB page and read more about the work they do in Mexico. We contacted Cynthia and Sara inquiring about a dog, and they were responsive.  They explained the adoption process, from filling out a questionnaire and providing references to setting up a home visit and meeting potential dogs that could be the best match for us. We met two dogs, Frijol and Chillo. Although both of them were great dogs, we ended up adopting Chillo, now Chilo. He’s been with us for a week and we are enjoying his company. He is keeping us busy and has lots of energy! Despite being Mexican, he loves snow but we are sure he will enjoy Spring and Summer as well! We still have lots of learning to do but both Sara and Cynthia, as well as Chilo’s foster mom, Jessica, have been very supportive! We hope rescued dogs like Chilo have the opportunity to find new furever homes! Thanks so much to all FDC family!”
Rosanna Rojas

We can’t believe our luck!  Osa is quickly becoming a full fledged member of our family! We are immensely grateful to ALL members of FDC whose dedication and commitment allowed us to adopt this gentle, loving dog! We were initially a little surprised at the rigour of the application process.”No stone was left unturned” as they carefully checked all references as well as our home situation. However, we soon realized how serious FDC is about ensuring that their dogs find the best possible homes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, FDC for providing such a humane and valuable service! You have created joy for our family and peace and security for Osa !
Barbara Lavallee

We first saw FDC on Facebook.  We had had to say goodbye to our boy Franklin in October due to cancer. I had told my husband that I could never go through that again, but a couple months passed and I started thinking that maybe I could do it again if I knew I was saving a dog from a life on the streets or in a shelter. That’s when we found our Rosie. She has brought so much love and joy to our home. She is always ready to go when you want to get out for a hike and just as ready when you want snuggles. Rosie is such a sweet, beautiful girl and we can’t express how much joy and unconditional love she has brought to us these past 4 months. Thank you Sara and team at FDC !!

Maria Evans

Dobby (formerly Palomita) has absolutely stolen our hearts in less than 3 days! She is the sweetest and calmest little lady I’ve ever met. Her profile on FDC was spot on as this girl is definitely a little lazy! She loves to snooze the day away! She has brought so much joy into our lives and we are so excited that we were chosen to love her forever. FDC was a dream to work with, as their volunteers work tirelessly to find their pups the perfect home!

Naomi Dorras-Donnelly

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