Flying Dogs Canada


Contact us if you can help with: 
–  Fundraising events
– Home visits to prospective Adoptive/ Foster Homes  (Requires RCMP criminal record check)
– Dog welcome committee at the airport (walks /snacks/ overnighting)
– Traveling with a dog to their new adoptive home (contact for dates and cities of travel)
– Professional dog training/behaviour classes
– Computer or Online/Social media services
– Veterinary or AHT services
– Professional consulting (Veterinary/ Accounting)
– Other ways? Let us know! Click below to apply!

Fieldwork in Mexico

Would you like to volunteer with the dogs in Catemaco, Mexico?

We need people who are/or have:
– Equally comfortable with dogs and cats
– Willing to get a rabies vaccine / Typhoid/Hepatitis vaccines at their own expense pre-travel
– A background of dog ownership/handling/training
– Not squeamish at the sight of blood or feces
– Willing to pitch in
– Able to take responsibility

There are different things that need doing in Mexico and your job will be dependent on your interests and skills:
– Nutrition Volunteer (cooking for other volunteers/ for the dogs)
– Field Spay Team member: Willing to catch dogs to spay and to help
– Shelter Volunteer: Walking the dogs on the waterfront and training them, playing with them, socializing them, Assisting scared abused dogs at intake, keeping notes
– Habitat Enrichment volunteer: Help to build dog enclosures and build things to improve the quality of life of the shelter dogs. (Calling architecture students and builders, woodworkers, welders…?)

There will be more specific tasks for Veterinarians and Animal Health Technologists and Veterinary/Biology students who are willing to volunteer).Please submit your resume and a cover letter directly to Flyingdogs31@gmail.comand put “Volunteer Veterinarian” or “Volunteer AHT” or “Volunteer-3rdyear vet student” in the subject heading, for example.

– A wonderful experience in tropical Southern Mexico in a new culture with opportunities to learn a new language and new skillsrelating to animal care and welfare
– A certificate showing that you volunteered for Flying Dogs Canada
– A reference
– Food and Board

– 8 hours a day 5 days a week (sometimes weekends)
– Kindness to the animals AT ALL TIMES
– A willingness to pitch in with tasks and chores required to live in a group of volunteers
– An easygoing and respectful approach to local culture
– To respect our disease management and quarantine protocols re : dogs

Click below to apply!!